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Here is a glimpse of my project work, organized in descending order of time. I've started multiple projects, completed many and while few are in the tunnel, to be honest, I haven't completed some! I hope you find what you are looking for! If you need further info, feel free to drop me a line! :)



sattardas creates and deploys workspaces, also known as Makerspaces for Tinkering Labs, for makers and HardTech geeks!

sattardas makerspace in Rajkot is a minimalistic space established in a comparatively very small area with only required equipment. Even so, since it's launch in Feb 2018, it has been growing by 200% every month.

For more information, head over to https://www.sattardas.com/

An Initiative targeting the middle India and Make In India.

Deoria Rural Development

Deoria Rural Development team aims to convert sugarcane-waste called "Bagasse" into packaging boxes. The project is being carried out in and around the region of Deoria in Uttar Pradesh, India. This project is supported by Team Jagriti Yatra and Jagriti Seva Sansthan.
As a part of Jagriti Yatra Program, we have successfully carried out the market analysis in March 2017 and we'll be launching our Pilot soon.

A Junk Upcycling and Recycling Initiative


JunCkathon is a junCk upcycling event based initiative that aims at equipping people with the mentality to upcycle junCk at household levels rather than throwing it away and waiting for it to get dumped or recycled/upcycled somewhere.
JunCkathon has organized 2 events that led to a total upcycling of 5+ kg of junk with a total of 30+ participants.


Automatic Food Delivery System in any Restaurant

This project was started with the intention of automating already existing restaurants without installing any over-the-head clunk or side-wall food delivery channels.

The main feature cum benefit of the system is it installs a false flooring in any restaurant under which delivery channels shall be installed. This serves two purposes, first being it removes any clunk from the eyesight of the diners and second, as the food is delivered from under the floor, it keeps the food safe from any environmental contamination.


*I have had obtained a provisional patent for this project which I've abandoned now in lieu of open-source.

Low-Cost Automatic Vacuum Cleaner controlled by Mobile Application

The project was started with the purpose of creating a vacuum cleaner for the middle class families that still struggle with mop cleaners. Mobile phone penetration being increasing everyday, the cleaner is connected with a phone app via Bluetooth keeping in mind the ease of use of the cleaner. The cleaner is designed to incorporate a cleaning method termed 'In-plane 360 degree cleaning' that cleans a full 360 degree area instead of just a vertical/horizontal layer. This increases the surface area being cleaned and also cleans corners effectively. 

However, with Android app being ready, the prototype is kept on hold for now. 


*I have had obtained a provisional patent for this project which I've abandoned now in lieu of open-source. 

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