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Welome to just another portfolio site (pun intended!)

I'm a Systems Thinker and a Hardware Hacker (wanna be, to be honest). I love innovating and inventing new things in order to solve existing problems. By profession I'm a Mechanical Engineer but incorporating technologies to fight the challenges is what excites me more.


I prefer knowledge and information over anything and everything else. From Human Psychology to Astrophysics to Japanese Literature and War (as a genre), the more I understand, the more it excites me and the less it controls me. I believe, information has been and will be the true driving force and power in the past and the upcoming economies. Infinity, not the finite verse, is my calling, I believe.

I believe in hiding in the plain sight, and glowing in the dark, which is why you'd seldom see me post any updates on social media. Life is too short to spend on social media anyway. 


* I've designed and developed this website deliberately in mostly Black and Off-White. In the world of OLED and QLED displays, it's a tiny contribution towards a greener Earth.